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The world of psychology has missed an opportunity to find a new starting place and do a redo, a remake over the past sixty years. Well-intentioned attempts to lead others to healing have opened patients to further limitations and weaknesses that result in lasting, even permanent setbacks.
Human development in the world of thera-coaching and coaching needs a more powerful approach to reverse setbacks and limitations. In the A.C.O.M. Method individual readers and coaches with their clients will discover opportunities for hope and help that typical and traditional approaches have missed.
This book uses
the A.C.O.M. Method to develop anyone and change lives

The opportunity in this book is for anyone who wants to make lasting change happen. The goal is to put people on a path with the principles, tools and motivation to engage others in change.

In CoachABLE there are stories that relate to and illustrate seven sequential breakthroughs, seven steps that when understood, practiced and applied help anyone develop and secure strengths, avoid Assumptions, control Cycles, overcome Obstacles, and master Mindsets (A.C.O.M.).

In this book insights that began with an unexpected surprise in research and brought understanding to patients in over 15,000 hours of psychotherapeutic sessions are available for personal development.

This transforming tool is a simple, practical, and proven way to design and determine thinking. Discoveries will remake your responses and release you for higher performance.

You just might find freedom and a new beginning in the seven daily one minute “I will” steps.

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