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People Know Best What They Discover for Themselves.
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A Boutique Publishing and Consultancy Firm
Specializing in Titles and Courses
that Invite Individual Discovery,
and Generate Multiplication in Groups
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Multiplier Press (MPress) is "Publishing Resources for Discovery."

We are excited to announce the release of eleven books (in Paperback and Ebooks) in a series of resources (and courses) that will empower you to engage others with the dynamic impact of  Discovery Group Studies. (


The current releases begin with a topic almost all of us can relate to, and at some point need help with. Work-Life Wisdom is the first in a release of eleven books in this series. Get your copy and start on a journey as you discover and engage for a more rewarding life at work.

MPress is helping individuals and groups maximize their potential. We look forward to providing you with titles and courses that invite individual discovery, and generate multiplication in group settings.

to know about new titles, release dates,

special events, and much more!

The Ancient Passages Series
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More Ancient Passages
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