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2017 Multiplier Press New Releases

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Discovering answers
From Why to Where?

Starting with WHY, you will arrive at multiple responses to six basic one-word questions. In sequence, exploring and answering these simple, common questions, will not only introduce new insights, but will provide an easy-to-apply approach to finding and clarifying answers you need in your personal and professional life.

From Why to Where? presents a rethinking discovery process where insights and understandings lead to a launching point, a revelation. You will see the importance of starting with a clear insight into your answers to each question, but equally important, you will explore and establish a greater understanding of a path and process that will lead to better answers.


Discover more deeply your personal reasoning, what is really motivating you, and take informed steps to a new beginning, a new belief system, and better answers.

Releasing in 2018
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When we don't yet know what we don't know, we need a place to start.
The Multiplier Approach

We are giving individuals direct access to the benefit of instruction that has previously only been available in hard to find training sessions, and in limited access settings.


A simple process, with practical tools in a proven, innovative approach, in this book and its accompanying course material, you will have an experience that can both challenge and exponentially change your capacity for personal outreach to those you care about.


You will see how you can respond, and how your faith and belief system can be multiplied to impact your family and friends, those you work with, and others in the community around you.

See exponential discovery-based multiplication happen as God uses your obedience, 8 questions, and story-based scripture passages, to change lives.


You can be a Multiplier! Let us show you how.

Releasing in 2018
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The Multiplier Devotional



Each category has six felt need issues, and six studies per felt need for a total of 360 categorized Bible passages. Six additional studies make any day of the year a great time to grow your confidence and share in outreach to others. 

This is a big project with huge potential. The early writing is completed and the compiling and editing is in process.  

Give your family, friends, and those the Holy Spirit brings across your path, a gift to discover who God is, and how He can be related to in more meaningful, responsive, and amazing ways:

Releasing in 2018
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