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Re-released BOOK Series

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Beyond Not Caring

It' a strange place to get to, that desperate place of not caring anymore, but for those of us who have been there, it was either a traumatic turning point that finally released new passion and productivity, or it lead us to limits and lasting losses on a long pathway to relational paralysis.

Beyond Not Caring explores the limits that have lingered long past the traumas, and takes us beyond those limits with a new perspective. Not caring is necessary and it can be good, even great, when we know how to go beyond it's barriers to reach our full potential.

Releasing in 2019
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The Battle to Believe

Originally written and compiled during the completion of 15,000+ hours of intensive one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy sessions, The Battle to Believe is being revitalized and restructured to help you, and those you love, discover how to apply the truths of this book, with dramatic release from bondage, and rewarding life-changes.


The saving of pain and confusion by having a working knowledge of these practical principles can make the difference between continuing in a cycle of strife and difficulties, or living with new courage and confidence.

Releasing in 2019
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Freedom & Forgiveness

Originally published under the title, "Would You Be Emotionally Free?" this revised and updated discourse helps us develop the capacity to recover from, and even reengage in relationships that have been hurtful, challenging or damaging, and full of failures.


In this liberating approach, freedom is the catalyst for forgiveness where you will find much needed adjustments, connections, and communication, all in a new capacity to offer empathy. Let Freedom and Forgiveness guide you to both.

Releasing in 2019
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